Portfolio website for Michael Summers, comic book colorist

BOC2 by Ellipsium Entertainment


Interceptor by Unstoppable Comics


NY vs. The World by Unstoppable Comics


Family Tree by Ellipsium Entertainment

About Mike

Mike Summers is a comic book colorist for several independent publishers. He started his career in comics over 5 years ago, landing his first publishing gig with "Unstoppable Comics", an independent publisher based in New York. A freelance career was set in motion and Mike has colored over 50 independent comics and most recently 3 titles by Markosia Comics based in the UK. Contact Mike : here!


All images are colored by Mike Summers. Lineart by the following artist:

  • Interceptor 4 by Andres Barrero
  • NY vs. The World by Andres Barrero
  • Family Tree by Renzo Rodriguez